Reclaim your Right to

Radical Self-Love

Women of color are complex. From cultural and sexual identities to the roles and passions that drive us, it’s time to break the silence and honor our authentic selves. Our identities are intersectional, and here at Spoken Black Girl Magazine, we want to celebrate all of the identities that make you, you! Read more...


Self-Care is More than Spa Treatments

by Allaya Cooks-Campbell

This January, my friend and I decided that this year would be the year that we finally make taking care of ourselves a priority. We chose themes for each month, wrote about our intentions, and scheduled daily activities that we could do to pamper ourselves in small ways. I was thrilled...Read More


How to Manifest Your Dreams With Moon Rituals


By Tieara Caron

By Tieara Caron

As we embark on our own self-discovery journeys, every path is unique. My spiritual journey has taught me to become more conscious and enlightened in regards to energies by using astrology and moon cycles... Read More

Natural Beauty

The Birth of Nightcap: My Apothecary Experience

By Christine Lee

By Christine Lee

Few weeks ago, I came across a custom botanic perfume making workshop hosted by Aba Love Apothecary. The workshop involved making your own perfume using essential oils extracted from plants.... Read More


6 steps to a health glow without vitamins

By Dee Jones

I don’t know that I’ve ever been asked as much as I am now if I’ve been drinking enough water whenever I complain of feeling bad. That’s because everyone is becoming a lot more aware of what should be in the foods that they eat, how much exercise they should get, and how much water they should be drinking... Read More


3 Tips to Beat Post-Grad Depression

By Jasmine Coates

Two months. It’s been two months since I’ve graduated college. Even though this was a huge milestone, my mind was fixated on what I hadn’t accomplished. Senior year came with many anxieties and securing a job before graduation day was my biggest concern... Read More


On Poets and Perfectionism

By Teresa Mupas Purugganan

I was on the poetry slam team in high school, where my ideas were being encouraged and raised up into what the spoken word community called “brave new voices.”... Read More


How to make the best of the beauty bandwagon

By Adedoyin Adeniji

Having  good skin that doesn’t need to be filtered with VSCO, Instagram, FaceTune, or whatever other enhancing apps that exist, is something a lot of us desire... Read More