2 Poems from Maggie Smith

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Happy December! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season! This month’s theme is Natural Beauty and so the poets for this months each show us the various ways we can look at beauty. The second poet, Maggie Smith’s work looks at the possibilities of beauty outside of what is seen. Our ability to create is the most beautiful. Enjoy!

Jack O’ Lantern

Blade plunged deep into the core

we gutted it as if it was symbolic of every insecurity we ever owned

sides scraped raw with shiny, metal instruments cleaning places where our thoughts went hiding

creativity carved across its skin, we told ourselves originality was the only thing that we had left

and so we practice, practice, practice- play at it until it’s perfect

place your candle delicately and tell me everything that’s done in the dark will come to light.

I blew it out

and made a wish


The Man in The Green Hat

Foucault, Nietzche and Thoreau litter the tables
covering up the places where you wear your heart on your sleeve.
You want to be a thinker, not a feeler-
The great philosoph of our time.
But your hands don't match the aesthetic
and they were made to heal and love,
not to philosophize.
Somewhere in your free trade, tea sipping glory
I know I could make you my lover.
I would try if I could be your cause,
but you, my dear, were made to save the world
and I just live in it.

Maggie is a teacher in Houston, TX. She is writer of poetry, short stories and non-fiction works. She finished her creative writing masters in Edinburgh Scotland and Napier University. In her free time she enjoys reading, performing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and playing rugby. When she’s not in the classroom, or on the mat, she can be found staring blankly at a computer screen, eating coco wheats and waiting for inspiration. She is currently working on her first creative non- fiction novel.

Social Media: @MsSmithReads