Fall Refresh & Reset


How Cutting my Hair Changed My Life

by Allaya Cooks-Campbell

Coco Chanel famously said, “A woman who cuts her hair is ready to change her life.” Well, she wasn’t wrong. I was tired of fighting with my inner demons. I was tired of running on the treadmill, out of breath and exhausted by the unchanging scenery. I wanted something different...Read More


How to Manifest Your Dreams With Moon Rituals


By Tieara Caron

By Tieara Caron

As we embark on our own self-discovery journeys, every path is unique. My spiritual journey has taught me to become more conscious and enlightened in regards to energies by using astrology and moon cycles... Read More


Natural Beauty

Reclaiming and Accepting my Roots

By Teresa Mupas-Purugganan

During the summer, my skin absorbs the sun as if it's being charged with the energy of the star's power. My skin turns dark brown, like chocolate, like coffee beans, like water-logged wood. When fall arrives in Michigan, when the sun hides behind the clouds, my skin begins to lose its once-pigmented color, as if the cold is trying to teach me something I haven't stopped hearing my whole life: You're more beautiful when you're a lighter shade... Read More


6 steps to a health glow without vitamins

By Dee Jones

I don’t know that I’ve ever been asked as much as I am now if I’ve been drinking enough water whenever I complain of feeling bad. That’s because everyone is becoming a lot more aware of what should be in the foods that they eat, how much exercise they should get, and how much water they should be drinking... Read More

Depression & Spirit.jpg

Depression is a Mirror to Spiritual Awakening

By Latoya Sinclair



Mental wellness is a topic that often gets ignored. As a culture we are quick to speak of the importance of our physical health, but when it comes to our mental state, as a collective, we have given it a back burner to everything else. This realization is unfortunate because depression is the most common mental health phenomenon affecting the post-industrial world.... Read More


SBG In Conversation: Amanda Dookie of Heal Her Heart


SBG Editorial Team

By SBG Editorial Team

Heal Her Heart has also been a platform for me to be transparent and my authentic whole self. I am constantly surrounded by women who have similar experiences and by women who have different experiences, but are willing to educate me, share with me, and enlighten me on an entire new level I didn’t realize was possible.... Read More


Beauty Enthusiast’s Heaven: Indie Beauty Expo NYC 2017


By Christine Lee

By Christine Lee

For someone who spends her lunch hour lurking around beauty shops and returns to work with swatched arms, the Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) is my literal heaven. Having stumbled upon it last year through a co-worker’s suggestion, I made sure to attend this year’s as well... Read More