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Founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Writer, Wellness Facilitator

Photo credit: Khidar Rich

Photo credit: Khidar Rich

Hey there! Welcome to the Spoken Black Girl community. SBG started in 2015 as my personal blog. As a lifelong writer and someone who deals with anxiety and depression, I felt the need to record my experiences and the self-care methods I was using to take my life back. What started as a couple of blog posts quickly turned into a growing community of women seeking healing and support. Four years later, SBG has given me the opportunity to host events, speak on panels and podcasts, publish my writing and speak my truth to all who will listen. I think of myself as a “Wellness Facilitator” or someone who creates safe physical and digital spaces to discuss mental health, wellness & self-care. Along the way, I’ve connected with countless amazing souls, shared my passion for writing as a healing tool, and elevating voices that otherwise might not be heard.

Work With Me

Workshops & Panels

Mental Health Awareness

As a mental health advocate, I’m passionate about educating the public and spreading mental health awareness. In my workshops, I separate myth and stigma from fact, address the ways mental health affects the population and help participants learn about how to cultivate better mental health for themselves as well as friends and family in everyday life.


This workshop explores the ways in which individuals can use self-care to improve mental health, wellness, and personal productivity. Self-care is much more than spa days. This workshop dives into the practical aspects of self-care that we often forget our hectic daily life. 

Healing Through Writing 

The Healing Through Writing Workshop focuses on creating a safe space for a cathartic, personal writing experience. The workshop incorporates meditation, discussion, and analysis of literary works. Participants are encouraged (although not required) to share their stories of healing and growth for a transformative workshop experience.

I’m available for Brand collaborations and speaking engagements. Let’s connect!

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