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mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness for women of color.

We're dedicated to ending the stigma around mental health by providing a space for women of color to tell their stories of joy, pain, growth, and transformation while sharing practical solutions for holistic healing.

from healing to Thriving


We aim to be a resource for millennial women  of color who want to go beyond healing mental and emotional wounds and start thriving in life.  This is a safe space where we honor and respect our individual experiences and come together to share stories that stretch our understanding of what's truly possible in life.


Loving Ourselves Naturally

Self-love means taking care of the body, mind, and soul with the purest and most beneficial tools and ingredients. Healthy living  everything that the millennial woman of color needs to walk in purpose and embrace her best self.


Diversity Matters

Spoken Black Girl Mag celebrates the voices of women of color from every walk of life. We embrace our unique experiences with race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and faith to create a safe space to heal, learn, and grow together.


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