Amazing Grounding Exercises that Tell Anxiety “No!”

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The earth is abundant in healing tools for almost every modern woe. Even the ground we stand on has the ability to improve our mental health. Grounding or earthing refers to using the healing properties of the earth’s electrons to increase wellbeing. This post is specifically about grounding exercises that can help ease anxious feelings and panic attacks. While doing my research for this post, I realized that I’ve been practicing grounding exercises for so long without even knowing it! While not all of these tips involve directly connecting to the earth, they all have the ability to snap you out of a worry spiral before it ruins your day. I hope that you can connect with these practices and incorporate at least one into your life.

Take a Walk in Nature

Physical health and mental health are strongly linked to each other. Often the answer to dissipating anxiety is moving the body. Not only will you get some cardio in, but being in close physical proximity to trees, plants and the soil beneath your feet can have a powerful calming effect. The closer to the ground you can get the better, as the Earth’s electrons are known to have healing properties. Whenever I visit my local park to exercise or take a leisurely stroll, I leave with a clear mind and the energy to work on my goals.

Look at yourself in the mirror

This is a quick and extremely effective technique. For a very long time in my life, I hated looking in mirrors. Especially mirrors that were in public places where I didn’t have my beauty arsenal ready to fix any flaw. Mirrors, I thought, would remind me that I wasn’t the beauty I wished I was (eye-roll at old self). Little did I know that looking myself in the eye would only remind me that I’m alive and breathing, pulling my rambling mind back into the present moment. Now instead of avoiding mirrors and when I feel anxious, I seek them out, determined to make my doubts and worries regain some context in the here and now.


Take a shower or bath

I know, I know, you do this every day! At least I hope you do… Baths and showers can be more than practical, they can be rejuvenating! Anxiety and depression can feel like a physical weight and presence on the body. A bath with your favorite essential oil can be just what you need to refresh, relax and center yourself in the present moment. Wash your hair, use an invigorating facial scrub –  do whatever grooming routines make you feel clean and beautiful. Take your time, be aware of your posture and your movements. This is also a great time to practice deep breathing and meditation, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

List 5 really positive things in your life

This is a fun one. It gives you a moment to think about all of the most positive aspects of your life and feel grateful. It challenged me to focus only on the good in life, even though my mind had been swarming with negative, anxious thoughts only a minute ago. Sometimes you have to be purposeful in reminding yourself that there is a world outside of your anxiety and it’s wonderful!

Think back to a time where you were less anxious than you are now

I love this one – I love them all that’s why they’re in this post! This tip also plays on bringing you out of your anxious thoughts by suggesting associations that are more positive. This helps me particularly in times of insecurity and fear of failure. I remind myself of my resilience and the ability that I know I have to tell anxiety “No!”

 Take deep, slow breaths, letting go of anxious thoughts with every exhale

You can literally do this anywhere at any time. This might sound strange, but I just imagine negative streams of energy leaving me and breathing in all positivity. Adding some kind of visualization helps me concentrate, but feel free to let your mind absorb this exercise however comes most naturally to you. Just like taking a look in the mirror, you’re checking in with yourself. In fact, this is doubly effective if done in front of a mirror, it’s like a 2 for 1!

Keep essential oils handy

Essential oils are one of the quickest ways to change your mood in a jiffy. Each oil has it’s own special properties that allow you to intentionally shift your mind through the power of natural smells. Lavender oil is great for calming worry and anxiety. I usually carry lavender oil in my purse, so that if i ever find myself experiencing anxiety while out and about, I can instantly find my happy place. Lemon oil is an invigorating mood booster. I typically use it in the morning to start the day feeling bright and fresh.

Harness the power of crystals

The very concept of “grounding” references the ground, as in the earth, so it should come as no surprise that various stones and crystals can be used to provide a sense of safety and stability. The best grounding crystals include Shungite, Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, and Jasper. I was fortunate enough to win a set of crystal rollers from Apothecary Kin that I use to combine the power of crystals and essential oils. Holding one of these crystals during a moment of meditation or mindfulness connects your body to the stone’s grounding properties. Crystals, like essential oils are easy to carry in your pocket or bag for convenient use on the go.

Use your voice

You might be worried that if anyone caught you talking to yourself, they might call you crazy. I don’t use the “C” word, but thanks to mental health stereotypes most of us believe that it is abnormal to talk to yourself. It definitely is not! I think that using your voice is healthy and cathartic. You’re simply voicing your feelings – who cares if there is anyone around to hear? Rid yourself of anxious energy, even if it’s just by singing your favorite song. Affirm yourself in the mirror or in the shower. Need affirmations? We have them here on our resource page.

I hope that these techniques can help someone through a difficult moment in life. These are only a few grounding exercise that I have personal experiences with, but you should check out Healthy Place for more grounding exercises.

Are there any techniques that you use for grounding yourself in the face of anxiety? Do share!