Spiritual Girl Boss: Brittany Regis

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Brittany Regis is a Spiritual Movement Coach and Reiki Master. She specializes in guiding individuals to begin self-healing journeys through energy work. Her aim is to help individuals increase their personal sense of well-being and relaxation.

How did you first become interested in Reiki?

Prior to learning what Reiki is, I noticed that during my meditations, I was able to remove tension in my body by focusing on that area while breathing deeply. When a close friend told me about Reiki in 2014, I was fascinated because it seemed similar to the method I intuitively stumbled upon, yet more powerful. Since then I've become a Reiki Master in multiple forms of Reiki.



What do you wish more people understood about reiki?

Reiki is an energy transfer of pure light and love. Everyone has an aura and there are  energy centers within their aura. Reiki practitioners serve as vessels of healing energy. We are able to help clear unserving energy both before it enters the body and after it has already shown up as a physical challenge. We create a space for the body to  self-heal.

During a reiki session, a client can experience anything from chills, warmth or tingling sensations to insights and visions. Or, they may simply experience deep relaxation. Every session is unique to the person and really depends on where the client is at in their healing journey. At the end of the session we discuss what came up and talk about what’s next.


What has  your journey as a wellness entrepreneur taught you?

My journey as a wellness entrepreneur taught me that healing is an inside job. It has taught me greater self-care, as it is even more important that I maintain my own health and wellness, in order to keep myself as a clear vessel.



What can people do to enhance spiritual wellness?

I recommend for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual wellness to practice meditation, eat well, do some form of movement on a regular basis, and keep a solid support system around them. It is important to surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction as you (even if they are on different paths). You want to surround yourself with people who inspire you and limit interactions with people that drain you.


How can Reiki help people improve their quality of life?

In this day and age, most people have trouble sitting still. Reiki helps people to slow down, experience relaxation, and to connect to themselves on a deep level. It can clear away blockages that hold people from their personal truth; blockages that create confusion, anxiety, and fogginess of the mind and spirit. Clearing this away allows clarity to shine through so that they can realize their special gifts and manifest what they truly desire.

Want to connect with Brittany? 

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