How to Manifest your Dreams with Moon Rituals

Photo Credit: Shifaz Huthee

Photo Credit: Shifaz Huthee

As we embark on our own self-discovery journeys, every path is unique. My spiritual journey has taught me to become more conscious and enlightened in regards to energies by using astrology and moon cycles. I’ve realized that the power of the universe is charging my personal power, and using moon rituals can help to channel that power into activating my desires.

Last year, my spiritual awakening picked up some momentum. While listening to an episode of  TheFriendZone podcast with guest host, MysticxLipstick a.k.a. Danielle Ayoka, I started to follow Mystic Lipstick on Twitter. She is an astrologer who gives reads on people’s zodiac signs through tweets. After following her for a while, I discovered moon rituals. As a way to let go of the past and tap into your higher self and unlock the potential of your future, moon rituals can be considered a routine for spiritual maintenance.

What is a Moon Ritual?

Moon rituals are opportunities to use the phases of the moon in conjunction with the energy of the universe to purge old habits and traumas through full moon rituals or birth new desires through the manifestation of clear intentions with new moons. Think of it like a spiritual, therapeutic practice to find closure with full moons and fresh starts with new moons. The Gemini Supermoon just passed on May 25, 2017. The full moon will be here on Friday, June 9, 2017, and the next new moon will be here on June 24, 2017. You can do full moon rituals as well as new moon rituals. However, the two have different processes to follow.

New Moons

A new moon is the most opportune time to plant your seeds of intention. This is the best time to manifest everything you desire in life, love, and overall career goals. Energies of new moons are used to realign with your heart's desires. When writing in your new moon journal you will begin sentences with, "I am", "I attract", and "I have". You are stating what you want to manifest, do not say "I wish" or "I want".

Use affirming clauses such as, "I attract any opportunities to increase financial flow." or "I attract love, I attract positive healthy relationships into my life, I attract other opportunities to generate additional income, etc."  After you write down your list, you will need to write a clause, "I give thanks to the universe for all of these intentions fully manifesting in perfect alignment with my highest good." Then get ready for your blessings. Your desires become more tangible when you write them on paper and allow them to manifest.

Full Moons

Full moon rituals are meant to release any trauma or blockages preventing you from aligning with your higher self. The next full moon will enter Sagittarius on June 9, 2017.  I don’t necessarily feel the need to participate in EVERY full moon. It’s all dependent upon what your spirit is telling you and if you feel the need to cleanse any negativity or blockages from your life. Start listening to what your body and spirit needs. It is recommended that you do the ritual alone in an intimate setting. You want to be able to listen to yourself and trust your feelings to guide you through the process as you visualize the cleansing of negativity.

Use statements like, "I release all childhoods trauma that prevents me from forming healthy relationships, I release all ties to harmful activities and people." Then, after writing down everything you want to cleanse from your life, you will burn the list completely. The burning symbolizes the release in a physical sense.

How can you determine if you should participate in a full moon ritual?

Are you at a time in your life where you need healing and clarity? Do you want to clear out all negative energies or past traumas? Maybe you’ve been harboring a lot of pain from the past that has affected your overall views or perspectives on life. If this sounds like you, try a full moon ritual to cleanse and rid yourself of any negativity suffocating your spirit.

What You Need

To perform a new moon ritual use a brand new journal. It is important that before you write out your New Moon intentions, you will consecrate your journal. You have to feel the energy and your intentions by using your heart and spirit as a guide. Once you consecrate your journal, you will need a pen to write out your intentions. When I am performing a new moon ritual, I like to hold onto a rose quartz crystal to realign with my self-love and tap deeper into my heart's desires. I focus my energy on the words I write in my journal as if the pen can give life to the words on paper.

Arranging crystals into a certain formation and lighting incense can also help set the tone for your ritual and balance energies or any emotions you may experience. Each ritual should be unique to you and your spirit.

For the full moon ritual, you’ll need a pen, a piece of paper and matches or a lighter. After you create your list of things you want to release or cleanse from your spirit,  burn the list. When I do full moon rituals, I like to hold a selenite wand, as these crystals help to remove energy blockages from the body and cleanse energies around you. However, anyone can make their rituals unique to them and their needs. Do your research and follow your heart.

For more resources on moon rituals, check out  MysticxLipstick Gemini New Moon ritual. If you’re interested in furthering your spiritual journey, check out blksoltheory on Twitter as well, she has a sacred secrets newsletter full of gems to guide you through your journey. 

Trust Yourself

Alignment with the universe starts with practicing mindful habits and setting clear intentions as we evolve into a higher sense of self. Remember, you're a work in progress, you're a work of art, and you are a masterpiece in the making. As long as you have dreams and believe you deserve these things, you can attain them. Get ready for blessings beyond your wildest desires as the universe conspires to help you achieve them.

Tieara is an ambitious girl determined to win! She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with an academic focus in Radio-TV-Film from San Jose State University. A firm believer of the Universe. Follow her self-discovery journey on her personal blog,

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