Walking by Faith: My Spiritual Journey

Photo Credit: Raquel Santana

Photo Credit: Raquel Santana

My name is Bianca Webb and I am a Las Vegas native born to a Trinidadian mother and a father from Louisiana. I am very much proud of my heritage and my connection to Spirit. I have always felt from a young age that I was extraordinarily sensitive. In particular to people and places. Walking by faith in my life has required continued patience. Signs have always directed my path. I have been gifted with Clairvoyance which means “to see” in my mind’s eye. I have also been gifted with strong intuition and empathy that I utilize when offering Tarot and Angel Card readings presently.

My strong will and character have afforded me the ability to utilize my gifts, to not only find my purpose, but to allow those very gifts to be utilized to uplift and make clear what may not be apparent to those that are energetically attracted to me so that they are able to make informed decisions about their lives. My life purpose as a Lightworker and as a healer has not come without sacrifice, experiences or darkness. I hope to shed light on what it means to truly grow through darkness in order to glow through the light.

In the beginning, when I was 8 years old I remember my mother had a “friend” over. I remember it was late at night. I was sitting in front of my television covered in calamine lotion since I had contracted chicken pox at school. I remember seeing my mom’s friend and immediately having this “innate” feeling that he was “bad.” I told my mother about my feelings and from that point on she always reminded me how special I am. She would tell me that we come from a long line of Healers. My mother who was heavily involved in Christianity and sought prayer as her connection to God, spoke in tongues. I believe it was my mother’s faith that still carries her, myself and brother.

I knew that God had a plan and that everything would be okay.

From a very young age, I adopted the role of caretaker and parent so much that I did not know what it was like to experience life through the lens of the young and carefree. When I became a sophomore I decided to intern at the only special needs school within the Clark County district that was not integrated.I was taught humility because of the very gifts I had taken for granted were special feats for these young individuals. By the end of the year, I had my first job on my resume and a second family.

I assumed that I would go back to the program but in my junior year, I had other things to be concerned about. My mother’s mental health had deteriorated dramatically from my last year in middle school. That was around the time she received a hysterectomy without the proper aftercare,  that would have allowed her to continue to be balanced mentally. At this point, in my junior year, she was having full-on hallucinations but not yet talking to herself as I would find out in the future. I remember my senior year of high school that felt like a blink of an eye my mother told me without expression that our home was foreclosing. We had maxed out all credit cards, she had been laid off from stress from her high paying job. I  spent my summer vacation worried that we would be homeless. Still, I knew that God had a plan and that everything would be okay.  I always told myself no matter what more there was to life and I would experience it.

I was 21 years old when I met my first real love and like most, we did not make it. However, the experiences I had would change me on a Spiritual level for many years to come. I moved to California in order to be closer to the job of the young man that I was with at the time. He had a best friend that almost became family. One morning, around 3 am I remember that I woke up and thought about him immediately. I just knew something was not right. I did not realize that what I feared was the truth and that morning he had overdosed.

His death put a strain on my relationship and we parted ways. However, I continued to have dreams about the best friend, some of which his grandmother confirmed as true. The dream started off in a familiar house, I was walking towards the kitchen. There in the kitchen was my now ex-boyfriend but something felt “off” or “grey” about him. I could tell that it was someone else inside showing himself as my ex-boyfriend. I was correct and I could feel that his best friend did not want to scare me so he came in the likeness of someone I loved. He showed me fishing photos, family photos and other photos that I had not seen in waking life. He told me that he had acknowledged that he had gone too soon. He also told me that he would always be walking with his brother no matter where he went. I remember asking him if Heaven was real after the third or fourth time he came to me in a dream. The reason being was because he was no longer “grey” looking but he was as golden as if he were dipped in 24k gold from head to toe and his eyes looked like a fireball and “all knowing”. I remember he responded and said it was “complicated”. It was information not meant for me to know.  Many other dreams came, along with number sequences that I could not understand. I would learn to bury that part of me because after all, I was a young woman dealing with heartbreak and feeling alone in the world.

As soon as she grabbed me I saw the ocean as clear as if I were flying over it and I saw islands more green than anything I had ever seen in Las Vegas.

My ex-boyfriend came to town about two years later for his birthday. We decided to go to a strip club and just when I was ready to leave, I bumped into a woman. Her nickname that she gave was Kiki and she hugged me. I saw a photo of an older man showing me his best family portrait and knew that he was sending a message. I asked her if she had someone older in her life that watched over her. She immediately got teary-eyed and told me that she had a grandfather who had passed. I relayed the message to her as exactly as I heard it. The message for her was that he was sending financial abundance to her directly from the other side. He wanted her to know that she did not have to hesitate in her choices that did not resonate with her spiritually. She decided to give me her Facebook contact information and we have been friends ever since.

Two years later, I worked until I made it to Corporate Sales in one of the most prestigious hotels on the Las Vegas strip. I was 26 years old, I had my own apartment, my car was paid off and I saw my brother with cerebral palsy a few times a week. My relationship with my mother who at this point was diagnosed with schizophrenia bipolar disorder was rocky and yet it was still better than the past.

I met the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with at this very same job. I gave up everything for this individual who was more than 10 years older than me. I believe that due to being naive, my dynamics of growing up and my lack of self-love and faith were all blinders that would eventually lead to me seeing the truth in myself and the world around me. The man that I had given my career up for because of his position within the company would later lose his multimillion-dollar career and our relationship would not survive it. The more pressure I felt to try and fit into his life the more reclusive I became. I remember one sunny morning in the spring, I decided to walk to the park and talk to God.

I remember sitting down and thinking, before money, stability, and status was a thing, who was I? Something came up in that conversation that day between me and the Divine. It was not just tears that overflowed, it was not my hands that trembled, it was my understanding that I had lowered my standards and most of all I had walked away from my true authentic and spiritual self long ago. I had come to the realization this was why my wins felt like empty goals won. I decided that I would go to a local reiki class that I had not visited in months.

I kept my word to myself by getting out and reaching out to friends who were surprised and happy to hear from me. I was excited to meet a woman who not only practiced Reiki in down south Louisiana but she also had the ability to cut spiritual cords between individuals. I asked her to cut my cords from my lover at the time. She stated to me to be careful who we grow attachments to because spiritually dire consequences can come forth. I told her that I had no money, unstable job situation, and no real back-up plan to leave. She reassured me that all I had to do was to ask God to start moving and that He would. I went home and probably cried more times than I can remember presently because unlike the past, being brave this time really hurt because all that occurred was due to my choices. One thing that still rings true was that she said, sometimes in life, God will bring someone to us to help us get through the storm.

I felt brave, more connected to my Spirit and the power of faith in the Divine.

One day, my best friend that I would go visit told me to talk on the phone to her new guy’s “friend”. Little did I know that it would be the “someone” that God sent. In the little time that we knew each other, I gained the courage and confidence to move out with just a few hundred dollars to my name, a temporary job and will to create my life over again. Within the next three months, I got my first apartment by myself, a promise of a full-time position making almost the amount of money that I had prior. Most importantly, I had a partner in life that was supportive of me being who I am regardless of anyone’s box that I did or did not fit in. I felt brave, more connected to my Spirit and the power of faith in the Divine. I may not express my gratitude nor celebrate the Lord in the most conventional way by giving readings, however, in my mind, I give back daily to those that seek me out by offering the gift that the Lord had bestowed upon me much earlier than I had realized.

With time to regroup, I started reading more spiritual books. I promised myself and Higher Power that in return for allowing me to go through the rebirth that I had witnessed first hand I would continue to give back through my gifts. I started with an Instagram that provided daily readings free of charge to those in need of daily inspiration. After much success, I intuitively followed the nudge to open an Etsyshop once I felt comfortable enough with my gift to receive payment. The next step would be the hardest. I feel as though walking on a Spiritual path as a Healer we can only do so much hiding behind social media, websites, etc. We do not need to shout to the world who we are but we must be in the open if we are willing to be sought.

Fast forward to today, my Youtube channel is a complete uptick from the prior year. I have been offered my very first partnership deal and I am continuously finding that as I find my authentic self which is located directly in the middle of who I am as a Lightworker, I still find the time to revel in the belief that God has a plan and that everything will work out.

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Bianca Webb

My purpose is to utilize my gift to assist and support others. I provide clarity utilizing my gift. I offer this so that those that seek me for my services can feel empowered to make choices in regards to their individual journey.


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