Letting Go by SBG Poetry Editor Sherese Francis

I hope you are enjoying SBG’s Journal to Healing Challenge. One of the the mini-prompts for this week’s challenge was about what we were letting go of in 2018. It reminded me of an affirmations poem I wrote a couple of summers ago during a month-long, weekly gathering of women of color called Black August Cocoon, which was facilitated by The Free Black Women’s Library founder, Ola Ronke. I wrote it as part of a ritual for my birthday and the lunar eclipse, and is fitting for this month’s theme, Transformation.

Letting Go (Aquarius Moon/Lunar Eclipse Birthday Affirmations)

African Goddess Oracle Card of the Day: Moneiba, Canary Island Goddess of Protection


Letting go the feeling of loneliness

I am supported

I am guided

Letting go feeling shameful of my strangeness

I am destined to be who I am and will be

I am in tune with how I move in this world

Letting go believing I am the wrong one

I am the right answer for a question out there

I am searching for the question to which I belong

Letting go the feeling that I am not enough

I am enough for I exist in this world

I am deserving to be present as I am

Letting go of comparing myself to others

I am the respect and recognition I give to myself

I am where I need to be to get to where I am meant to be

Letting go of what does not serve my purpose

I am opening the door to step into life’s next chapter

I am going to grow only what nourishes me

Letting go allows me to embrace the life for me

To move forward into the life I am destined to have

Life is rooting for me and I will blossom from it

We are currently open to poetry submissions! Please see guidelines on the  Submit  page! Next months theme is Natural Beauty!

We are currently open to poetry submissions! Please see guidelines on the Submit page! Next months theme is Natural Beauty!

Sherese Francis is a southeast Queens-based poet, workshop facilitator, blogger and literary curator. She has published work in journals and anthologies including No Dear, Apex, The Pierian Literary Review, Bone Bouquet, African Voices, Newtown Literary, Blackberry Magazine, Kalyani Magazine, and Near Kin: A Collection of Words and Arts Inspired by Octavia Butler. Additionally, she has published two chapbooks, Lucy’s Bone Scrolls and Variations on Sett/ling Seed/ling. Her current projects include her Afrofuturism-inspired blog, Futuristically Ancient; and her southeast Queens based pop up bookshop/mobile library project, J. Expressions. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @afutureancient.