Creative Woman Spotlight: Mari Corona

Hey SBG Friends! I’ve come back to SBG with a new vision - one that centers not just writing but all forms of creativity which I believe can be extremely beneficial to one’s mental health, and a cohesive community where support and open conversations are welcome. As part of this new beginning, I’ll be posting features on creative women in our SBG community so that we can get to know each other, connect, and support!

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The first feature is of a woman I’ve known and admired for years now, Mari Corona. Mari is the creative mind behind Living in Mommywood, and she’s also a photographer with her first artist reception coming up on July 6th. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mari about her creative life and she shared some #MommywoodGems with me below!

1) What are some of your favorite ways to be creative?

I love DIY projects and house decorating, but I am most creative when I am out with my camera. It is a time where I feel my thoughts are the clearest.

2) How did you get started with photography?

When I was about 6 years old I began to love pictures a lot but it was probably at 8 when I began to really jump in and used a Kodak 100. I loved all the National Geographic magazines and Readers Digest. I never developed the film myself but it was very exciting to wait for them and pick them up hoping that you got at least three good shots . The beauty in the stillness of the images to me is captivating as well as the stories one image can tell and the memories captured that could be revisited later down the line. I love the whole concept.

3) What's your favorite form of self-care?

Alone time. A hot cup of tea, sitting still, breathing. The next favorite would be Yoga & Meditation oh and saying NO to things that do not fuel my Spirit.

4) What advice would you give other creative souls for their journeys?

I would say first and foremost Forgive yourself for your past. You did the best you could with what you knew then. Once you do that work and let go your future is a blank canvas go crazy with color and Create Your Best Life. Remove those in your life that suck your energy, everyone can't be in your circle FOREVER. It's ok to love people from a distance. Learn to change your perspective and life will become Stress-Free & full of Endless possibilities!

If you want to see more of Mari’s photography, visit and follow Mar_y _cielo925 If you would like to be featured as our next Creative Woman Spotlight, email for consideration.

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