The SBG Team


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Rowana Abbensetts, Editor-in-Chief & Founder

Rowana started Spoken Black Girl in the spring of 2015 as a personal blog about her own struggles with anxiety and depression hoping to find other women of color who could relate. Two years later, realizing that women of color lacked a centralized place to share their mental and emotional journeys, Rowana decided to turn the blog into what is now Spoken Black Girl Magazine.


Christine Lee, Deputy Editor

Christine is a beauty enthusiast and emotional shopper. Never hesitant to spoil herself, Christine finds importance in self-love and self-care. She's currently working full-time as a paycheck slave and is a proud graduate of the NYS Public Education system.


Tara Jayakar, Reflections Editor


Tara is a poet, editor, and bookmaker. She founded Raptor Editing, an editing service, publishing house, and book design studio based in Brooklyn, and her favorite meal is all the time.