Spoken Blank Girl Campaign

Join our campaign and celebrate your unique identity!

Join our campaign and celebrate your unique identity!

Hey, you! Yes, you, woman of color who defies society's labels and expectations.

You’re a phenomenal woman, one who embraces her quirks and lives passionately. When others ask you to dim your light, you dare to shine brighter. You’re not afraid to be you and when it comes to caring your own personal wellness you refuse to keep quiet.

You’re a Spoken ______ Girl!

The blank changes from day to day. Some days you feel athletic and you’re Spoken Sporty Girl. Maybe you’re feeling extra inspired by your faith, so you’re Spoken Muslim Girl.  Sometimes you’re flexing in your complexion like a Spoken Brown Girl. Other days you feel totally in touch with your heritage and you might be Spoken Indian Girl, Spoken Filipina Girl or Spoken Jamaican Girl.  You get the point. Women of color are complex. From cultural and sexual identities to the roles and passions that drive us, it’s time to break the silence and honor our authentic selves.

Our identities are intersectional, and here at Spoken Black Girl Magazine, we want to celebrate all of the identities that make you, you!

We’re inviting you to join the celebration!

Send a picture of yourself and fill in the blank with one of your many identities along with an essay, poem, video, photo or illustration connected with that identity for a chance to featured in the Reflections section on Spokenblackgirl.com.

All submissions go to contact@spokenblackgirl.com. Please put “Spoken Blank Girl Campaign” in the subject line.


Rowana Abbensetts